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Saute Baby Kale & Beans

-Couple bunches of Baby Kale
-Any type of bean you like (Cannellini, Kidney, Ceci)
-Salt, Pepper,
-Fresh Garlic,
-Garlic Powder (if you like extra garlic flavor)
-Mulberry Street Citrus or Hot Chili (depending on your taste)
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wash the baby kale & dry with paper towel. Trim any excess stems and give a rough chop to the leaves (not too fine). In a medium frying pan, on medium heat drizzle Citrus or Hot Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil (NEVER cook Extra Virgin Olive Oil on HIGH Heat! You’ll burn the oil and ruin the flavor!). Add the fresh garlic. Just as it begins to brown, add the chopped baby kale & beans (a little for flavor or a lot because you li ke beans!). As the kale reduces, add salt & pepper to taste, extra garlic if you like. And that’s it! Enjoy with a s a side to any meat dish, or as an entrée adding it to pasta! And of course no meal is complete without a loaf of bread such as an Italian Twist or Braided loaf with lots of sesame seeds! Don’t worry, I may get better at making up recipes. But some input from you will go far (hopefully not in the trash!
Sauted Baby Kale and Beans

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